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Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Pee Thomas On How He Signed Migos


Starting from scratch, Pierre "Pee" Thomas, CEO of the Quality Control Music label, had humble beginnings. After the failure of another project, he decided to start over new, and built his own recording studio which he had planned to rent out to artists. 

Manager of the Atalanta rap trio, Migos, Kevin "Coach K" Lee was thoroughly impressed with the space, and suggested partnering to create their own label, with Migos as their signed artists.

"Pee" loved the music and met with the trio, and it was decided right then and there that Migos would actually move into the studio, where they recording endlessly day and night. The passion was real, the talent raw, and with the right connections and equipment, Migos took off faster than the speed of sound. 

Quality Control Music has expanded their reach with more recording studios and smart investments. Since then, they've produced hip-hop Billboard sensations like "Versace" and collaborating with major names like Justin Beiber, Drake, L'il Wayne, and even Kanye West.